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Located in the heart of Thuringowa, only 12km to Townsville's CBD and nestled along the banks of the iconic Bohle River.


4800 lot master planned community, 15 minutes from Townsville's CBD with over 70 hectares of parklands and open space.

Eden Park

Park residential living in the heart of the Northern Beaches, with room for all the things you've always wanted and so much more.

Townsville’s newest and most premium acreage land release, coming soon.

Why You Should Build a Brand New Home in 2023

Why You Should Build a Brand New Home in 2023
8th September 2023

Tired of house-hunting that feels like chasing rainbows? A custom-built home might just be what you’re after. Here are four compelling reasons why you should build a brand-new home: 

Create Your Dream Home  

Forget about finding your dream home — just create it yourself! When you build a new home, you’ll have the option of designing it exactly to your specifications and needs. Do you want an outdoor pool space or an extra playroom for the kids? Not a problem! From the layout to the building material, you’ll have complete control over the aesthetics and functionality of your future home. 

With a new home build, you can also select the flooring, cabinetry, fixtures, and more, ensuring that the furnishings form a portrait that reflects your personal style. Watching your dream home come to life is a memorable experience, and once it’s complete, you’ll feel even prouder knowing that you've had a hand in its creation.

Whether you're longing for a modern minimalist abode or a cosy traditional haven, building from scratch provides the canvas for your architectural masterpiece. Your dream home isn't just a place to live; it's an extension of your identity and a testament to your aspirations. 

Energy Cost Savings

Building a brand new home not only lets you create a personalised abode, but it can also net you significant energy cost savings. Unlike homes that were built years ago, new homes can be built with energy efficiency in mind to meet modern-day energy standards and building codes.

Embracing energy efficiency in your new home's design can yield substantial benefits. With features like in-built insulation ensuring a consistent indoor climate throughout the seasons and solar panels functioning as an autonomous electricity source, you can expect reduced costs on your utility bills. By strategically incorporating such energy-efficient technologies during the construction phase, your new home stands to offer not only immediate comfort but also the prospect of sustained cost savings over its lifespan, making it a prudent and forward-thinking investment.

Access to Community Facilities

No home is an island — the availability and quality of amenities surrounding your house add significantly to your everyday convenience. Many new homes are built in master-planned communities that feature all of the necessary amenities for living and then some! From shopping malls to parks and playgrounds, your home should have easy access to an array of amenities that enhance your living experience and foster a sense of belonging and convenience.

Whether you enjoy morning runs through bush trails or shopping for fresh greens at the local market, being in a well-developed area ensures that your new home isn't just a structure but a gateway to a fulfilling lifestyle.

Government Subsidies

The Australian government offers subsidies and incentives that can significantly ease the financial aspect of your home-building project. These initiatives are designed to make the dream of homeownership more attainable and affordable for a wider range of people.

Subsidies, grants, and tax breaks geared toward first homeowners can help to address one of the biggest concerns of homebuilding — cost. For example, the Australian First Home Owner Grant offers up to $15,000 towards covering the cost of building your new home. Check your eligibility for other government schemes that can help alleviate the financial cost of building a home. With all of the subsidies and grants added up, you may even find building a home to be more affordable than buying one.

Should You Build a Brand New Home in 2023?

As experts in property development, our answer is a resounding “yes”! Building a new home in 2023 may seem like a complicated process, but it’s also an extremely rewarding one. Partnering with the right design and building services can make all the difference in how smooth and enjoyable the home-building process will be for you.

At Maidment, we have over 22 years of experience as designers and builders of beautiful homes for aspiring homeowners like yourself. Need more inspiration? Browse our stunning home designs or get in touch with our dedicated team today and let us help you bring your vision to life!