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The water calls you home: Say "Yes" to waterfront living

The water calls you home: Say
23rd July 2019

You don’t have to move far from the city to get a taste of living close to nature. A number of today’s residential properties will allow you to enjoy the natural environment right outside your door while still giving you easy access to the city centre. And when this idea excites you, you may want to look into residential real estate in Townsville.

A Different Kind of Scenery

The view is one of the most appealing aspects of living near the waterfront in the coastal city. There’s nothing more peaceful than enjoying a view of the gorgeous body of water nearby. Imagine waking up to the scenery of a calming blue blanket of water or listening to the sound of waves as you fall asleep. Add a stellar view of the Breakwater Marina, and you’ll have the ideal getaway — every day.

There’s also nothing better than enjoying the company of loved ones while the water’s shimmering surface serves as an idyllic backdrop that’s perfect for al fresco meals or sitting quietly with a glass of wine.

Enjoy Privacy and Functionality

There is more to waterfront living than just the aesthetics. It also offers a greater level of privacy from your neighbours. Instead of having a house in front or behind yours, you separate your home by an expanse of water, always on show from your private balcony.

Waterfront living is also perfect for homeowners who enjoy recreational water activities. Boaties have easy access to private docks. Living next to the water is also ideal for other activities, such as kayaking, jet-skiing, fishing and sailing.

Improve Personal Health and Well-being

The spectacular view and countless activities are just bonuses to one of the biggest advantages of waterfront living: it promotes better health.

Living near bodies of water offers the perfect escape from stress, anxiety and even depression. Several studies have linked living within sight of water to lower levels of psychological stress. Living next to bodies of water promotes relaxation and alleviates stress, which help you get better sleep. A good night’s sleep guarantees a more productive day, as well as lower risks for illnesses.

Exposure to more sun means getting more Vitamin D, which is essential to better absorption of calcium to promote bone growth. Vitamin D also plays multiple roles in your body; it helps:

  • Support the health of your nervous system and immune system
  • Improve cardiovascular and lung health
  • Regulate levels of insulin

From the gorgeous scenery to an improved well-being, it’s no surprise that more homeowners are flocking to waterfront properties and choosing to settle there. There’s no denying that a house near the water creates the perfect home — one you’ll love to go home to after a hard day’s work.

Waterfront Living and You

When you’re ready to experience waterfront living, look no further than the Marina Residences. Located within Townsville’s exclusive Mariners Peninsula, this residential development has spectacular views overlooking the Breakwater Marina, Castle Hill and Magnetic Island. Positioned in one of Australia’s most breathtaking locations, this property offers a rare opportunity to live in one of Townsville’s most exclusive waterfront settings.

Enjoy a new standard of waterfront living by calling Marina Residences your new home. Get in touch with us today to learn more.