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The Benefits of Building & Living in an Estate

The Benefits of Building & Living in an Estate
22nd May 2023

Imagine living in an idyllic community where convenience, safety, and a sense of belonging go hand-in-hand with reliable amenities and beautiful surroundings.

Welcome to the world of estate living. If you’re considering building a new home, you can’t go wrong with building and living in an estate, where you can belong to a friendly community and settle down in your peaceful sanctuary. In this article, we’ll explore the significant benefits of building and living in an estate and how it can improve your lifestyle and provide exciting opportunities. 

What are the benefits of building and living in a residential estate?

Simple costs and streamlined process

Building a house in an estate is usually more cost-effective than building a property on your own, in an established suburb. You also pay an all-inclusive fee for building — just make sure you read the fine print about any additional costs. The process of building in an estate is also more straightforward and streamlined than building in a suburb. Builders are experienced in overseeing timely and trustworthy construction projects.

Fixed designs

When you build in an estate, you don’t have to spend time going over every single design feature and fitting. The builder will oversee construction for you and ensure top quality and consistency. You’ll save time and money and secure a well-constructed house in a beautiful estate. No stress will be wasted on complex design or landscaping decisions — that’s all up to the established designers. You can relax while your home is built and move in once it’s ready.

Convenient amenities and facilities

For those who value open spaces, a well-planned estate can offer more freedom and space than a busy suburb. If your lifestyle involves spacious outdoor areas, green land, lakes, and playgrounds, you’ll probably be happy building and living in an estate. Many new estates build parks and set aside areas for residents to use for recreational activities. For example, Maidment’s Harris Crossing Estate contains a frisbee golf course — perfect for laid-back, community-oriented recreation. Estates are also usually located near essential services such as schools, hospitals, and shops, so you’ll have access to everything you need for you and your family.

Enhanced security

Especially as estate homes are commonly occupied by families with kids and older residents, having enhanced security is an important consideration when moving into your new home. Living in an estate will bring you the extra peace of mind that comes with top security. Even if your estate is ungated, there’ll probably be some kind of community watch program, and everyone is always looking out for each other.

Strong sense of community

Living in a tightly knit estate community is like having a neighbourhood as a family. There are plenty of opportunities for networking and for friendships to bloom. Master-planned estates will also often have community projects that you can contribute to if you wish. These can be fun and worthwhile to engage in; you’re bound to obtain fulfillment from giving back to a community that is designed to give as much as possible to you. 

If you love to socialise with your neighbours, a housing estate home is the life for you. In an estate, life is relaxed, and the neighbourhood is designed to facilitate friendly interactions and close friendships.  Estates are always planned around the idea of a close community, with plenty of large public spaces for kids to play, dogs to run free, and friendly soccer games to be played. So, whether you have young children or you’re a retired senior, estates are perfect for people of all ages and living styles.

Well-maintained environment

With strict adherence to community guidelines in place, estate environments are usually much better maintained than common areas in the suburbs. In estate land, each property has consistent upkeep and a high, clear curb appeal. Estate areas are clean, and gardens are well-maintained, so estate properties have an enhanced curb appeal and are very orderly. The consistent upkeep of common areas, often by employed gardeners, means you’ll have less work to do outside and can enjoy the cleanliness and tidiness of the estate. 

So, why build and live in an estate?

If you’re looking to settle down in a peaceful, supportive neighbourhood, building a new home in an estate is an affordable and easily managed option. You’ll receive many benefits, such as a streamlined process, improved security, consistent maintenance, convenient amenities, and a strong, friendly community. If you’re considering options for your new home, take a look at existing or new estates in areas you want to live in. Embrace the opportunity to build your dream home with minimal risk, effort, and costs.

Maidment is proud to offer affordable, safe, and reliable estate living. To learn more about the local Maidment developments and existing estates in North Queensland, get in touch with our friendly team today. We’d love to help you find the perfect estate for your lifestyle.