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Offer zaps power bills


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HARRIS Crossing residents are rejoicing after receiving their latest electricity bill thanks to their Tesla Powerwall installation.

The developer behind the Townsville estate, Maidment Group, offers home buyers the option to install a Tesla Powerwall 2 Home Battery System for a fraction of the normal retail price.

Chris Whebell and Chloe Clarke who have lived at Harris Crossing for almost 6 months said they were glad to have opted for the Tesla Powerwall promotion after receiving their most recent electricity bill of $19.11 for the month.

“We decided to include the Tesla system into our build as we liked the idea of reducing our power bills, and hopefully getting rid of them entirely some day,” Mr Whebell said.

“Getting the Tesla solar system was important to us, as we believe spending that little bit extra now on technology, in the long run can help us save.

“Using the app can help us monitor our output and help us save, not only money, but power and save carbon emissions.”

Mr Whebell said the Telsa Powerwall has saved them a huge amount of money in the short period they had been living at the estate.

“Since moving in, our electricity bills keep getting lower and lower each month, especially now that it’s coming into summer with the longer days and more sunlight,” Mr Whebell said.

“We are also critical of when we use our power and try to use high energy appliances such as the washing machine, dishwasher or oven while there is still daylight.

“For us it was definitely worth getting, we recommend just asking around and doing your research so you can maximise the amount of power you can save.”

Managing Director at Maidment Group Glen Maidment said almost every buyer at Harris Crossing had opted to have a Tesla Powerwall installed in their new home.

“We’re seeing a lot of residents get their money back in about 12 months from the savings they’re making on their power bills,” Mr Maidment said.

“Close to 97 per cent of buyers at the estate are opting for the inclusion of the Tesla Powerwall in their new home build.

“What we are seeing people do is sell established homes in Townsville and build a new property at Harris Crossing because the money they are saving on their electricity bill is saving them a huge amount of money on their home loan.”

The promotion has been running since the launch of Harris Crossing and will continue to be offered in the next stages of the estate.

Buyers can secure a Tesla Powerwall and 6kw worth of solar panels for $4950 dollars.

Townsville Bulletin journalist: Yasmin Bonnell


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