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Building Your First House: 3 Things to Look for in Your Builder

Building Your First House: 3 Things to Look for in Your Builder
30th January 2020

Ready-built homes are great if you’re happy with the design and location, however if you’d like your first home to look the way you pictured it, building and designing the house yourself is the best way to ensure you’ll get to live in a home you envisioned.

But the success of the construction relies heavily on the builder’s expertise. Even if you get the best designer and architect, the builder is responsible for turning your dream home into a reality.

How do you know if a builder is qualified for your project? Look for these three things: licence, experience and insurance.

Appropriate Licence

First, ask if they have the appropriate licence to operate. If the builder is based in Townsville, then he should hold a licence with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). They shouldn’t only tell you they’re licensed, they should also have the documentation to show for it.

This requirement supports the builder’s capability, but it also protects you in case something goes wrong. QBCC provides home warranty insurance for those who have a contract with an appropriately licensed contractor in the following cases:

  • When the contractor doesn't finish the construction for reasons that aren’t your fault
  • When the contractor doesn't  address any defects in the building
  • When the building gets damaged from subsidence
  • Apart from licence, learn about the builder’s experiences and previous projects.

Experience and Portfolio

Ask about the background of the builder and their company. How long have they been in the business? What sorts of project have they worked on? Do they specialise in any particular style or location?

Also, ask if they’ve worked on homes similar to the plan you have in mind. This is important because some builders are good when it comes to certain styles but not so much in others. You want to make sure they’re capable of delivering the design you want.

Look for their previous projects. Ask for references and past clients who would be happy to share details of their experience with the builder. Visit some of the project sites if possible.

Lastly, enquire about the insurance and warranties the builder provides. 


Insurance protects you and those assigned on your project, so make sure the contractor is fully insured. Otherwise, you may be held liable for injuries and accidents that happen during the construction. One insurance to look for is Public Liability Insurance. This protects builders and compensates them for damages in case of on-site accidents due to negligence.

It is the utmost imporatance that your contracted builder pays home warranty insurance premium to the QBCC before any work begins. Otherwise, the insurance won’t be valid. The contract you receive, if you sign with the builder, must include the premium amount they paid.

Take the time to research all of your prospects. You’re entrusting your future home to the builder, so be sure they’re worthy of that trust. Perhaps the best way to ensure this is to go with established developers.

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Maidment Group creates quality residential developments that enhance the local community of Townsville while protecting the surrounding environment. Our credentials and portfolio are available online for your perusal.

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