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4800 lot master planned community, 15 minutes from Townsville's CBD with over 70 hectares of parklands and open space.

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Smart Home: The Benefits of Living with Automation

Smart Home: The Benefits of Living with Automation
2nd September 2019

Being able to connect all household functions and control them wherever you were used to be a plot of science fiction novels and movies. Today, you can control everything – clocks, lights, windows and cooking appliances, thanks to the Internet of Things (IoT).

As of June 2019, 2.3 million Australian homes have some installed smart devices, and the market is expected to grow by 2023. It’s now normal to step into a home where a press of a key, a swipe of a button or a voice command can adjust the room temperature, alert you of visitors or check on your child while you’re in a different room.

Why Live in a Smart Home?

  • Convenience

Using smart technology connects all gadgets in your home through one interface. By simply using one app on your smartphone or tablet, you can tap into countless functions and devices throughout your home.

  • Energy Efficiency

Some smart automation systems put devices at a lower level of functionality, sleeping or waking up only when you give them commands. This allows you to turn off lights in empty rooms and heat or cool rooms based on who is there – or who is not there – at the moment. Some devices also track how much energy you’ve been consuming, which lets you manage how much energy you use.

  • Flexibility

No matter how state-of-the-art your appliances are today, there will be newer and more advanced gadgets as time passes. Smart technology allows you to seamlessly integrate these new gadgets, making your job easier.

  • Security

Home automation systems connect automated door locks, surveillance cameras and other security measures that you can activate from one device before heading to bed or leaving the house. You can also receive security alerts and monitor activities in real time when you’re inside or outside the house.

Making Your House Smarter

Automating your home comes with hefty expenses. When looking for a new home, factor in smart automation as part of the house package so that you don’t have to buy individual devices to make your home fully automated. Make sure that there’s a specialist to show you how the controls work and that an operator’s manual for each device is stored at home.

Know which controls you would like automated. Do you want to adjust the lighting, temperature and security systems? Look at the needs of your family and see which devices can make the home comfortable and which devices help make daily living easier and more pleasurable.

Popular categories in the smart home include baby monitors, cameras, doorbells, entertainment, security systems and thermostats. Start with devices that are commonly used, then add more gadgets as you need them. Make sure to connect the gadgets only to your private home network to reduce the risk of hacking.

You can quiet all your worries when you’re out of the house simply by glancing at your mobile device. Make sure to factor in automation when you’re choosing a new home.

Luxury Living by Maidment Group

Maidment Group specialises in providing premium real estate in Townsville. Its latest property, Marina Residences, strikes a wonderful balance between luxury living and lifestyle, made possible by its proximity to the waterfront, lavish design and access to smart home automation.

We take an innovative approach and design to detail in developing our projects, making us successful in the property development industry. Our properties encourage a culture of sustainability, minimising our impact on the environment.

For enquiries, call us on 07 4721 2822 or send an email to [email protected].