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Located in the heart of Thuringowa, only 12km to Townsville's CBD and nestled along the banks of the iconic Bohle River.


4800 lot master planned community, 15 minutes from Townsville's CBD with over 70 hectares of parklands and open space.

Eden Park

Park residential living in the heart of the Northern Beaches, with room for all the things you've always wanted and so much more.

Townsville’s newest and most premium acreage land release, coming soon.

Luxury Living: Upgrading Your Home for Comfort and Indulgence

Luxury Living: Upgrading Your Home for Comfort and Indulgence
23rd July 2019

The word luxury living evokes images of large mansions, fancy cars, gold bathroom taps, caviar, champagne and an array of servants to tend to your every whim.

This image of luxury living is usually reserved for celebrities, business magnates and royalty. If you're not part of the list, the thought of luxury feels like a pipe dream.

You may not be a millionaire, but finding the right resources and exercising creativity can help you move closer to a life of luxury. Here are tips to turn your ideas of luxury into reality.

Location Matters

You might not own a mansion or an exclusive beachfront apartment, but you can still achieve luxury by looking for the right place to live. When house hunting, searching for a desirable residence in the middle of the city may cost a fortune. You'll find house and land packages in areas a few minutes away from central business districts of growing cities like Townsville.

Design Considerations

Just as location matters for luxury living, home design helps evoke comfort and indulgence. Open floor designs give an illusion of space, making smaller floor plans feel bigger than they are. Focus your design on the bathroom, lounge and kitchen, which are the common areas in the home.

To make your home feel luxurious, you have to simplify. Taking on a minimalist approach might seem counterintuitive, but doing so helps you get rid of unnecessary furniture and accessories, and highlight items that are stylish and functional. Enhance the luxurious feel of your room by adding a statement piece, such as a chandelier or a large painting.

Add flowers and greenery for a touch of elegance. If your fingers are not green, stick to low-maintenance plants like Monsteras and orchids.

Install wireless home automation devices that allow you to control room temperature, lights and the alarm system. You may not have servants attending to your every whim, but at least you'll have smart technology helping you live more comfortably.

You don’t need to become a millionaire to live a life of luxury. Living luxuriously also means treating yourself because you deserve the best. Whether the budget is a concern or not, you can add a hint of glamour so that home living can be just as indulgent as you imagine.

A Piece of Paradise in Townsville

With almost 20 years in the property market in Queensland, Maidment Group has a reputation for turning developmental opportunities into quality residential projects that improve the lifestyles of residents and their community.

Choose from a selection of properties in Townsville that suit a wide range of lifestyles and budgets. You'll find house and land packages in our master-planned communities at Eden Park, Harris Crossing and Sanctum. Each is designed to bring out the best when living in North Queensland.

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